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Default If Voice Mial is MAKING u KUKI.. say YEAH!

The past week I've had to make alot of phone calls, having to do with winding up my business.. from notifying suppliers, to cancelling simple services, to talking to lawyers and accountants.

From the simplest detail to those I might expect to be "busy" working, I've yet had a real person answer the phone.... ALL I keep getting is voice mail.

Is the entire world really this busy, that they can't answer a telephone???
Or are they busy at the water cooler, drinking coffee, or out for a smoke?

Next voice mail that picks up my call could get a expletive filled message waiting for them!!!!

Maybe my next business will be answering phones for those too busy, or pretending to be.

Get me back to the days when a real person would politely ask... "Can I take a message?".
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