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Default Re: Conquest Shore Excursions

Rebeca- We are on from April 3-10. I can't wait either.

themomtk- thanks for the info At mobay, you just took a taxi to the Beach? Is it safe to take a taxi? And the shopping is not too far a way? That is pretty much all we want to do there. Heard too many horror stories. The Carinval tours in mobay really did not appeal to me but we want to do something (and be safe) Did you have anyone "bugging" you at the beach seeing as how you have to pay?

When you took the Stingray tour last year, did you book it through the ship or on your own. Also, when you went to 7mile beach, did you just take a taxi and have them drop you off anywhere on 7mile beach? We were thinking of doing stingray and then going to the beach for the rest of the day, so just wondering I really don't want to miss the ship! Thanks


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