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I was in Canada to visit my inlaws (its OK, we all survived) for the Thanksgiving Holiday and Friday my cell phone rings and its a client explaining that my voicemail is rude and completely uncooperative. I asked what he needed and he told my his issue and I cared for it and told him I would look into my offensive voice mail situation. Well to be honest I forgot about it until Monday and started thinking how strange it was that I hadn't gotten one voicemail the entire time we were gone from Wednesday until Monday. So I decided to try to call myself and check it out. It is set up to transfer all calls to my cell phone and if I am unavailable, it transfers the caller to my voicemail. Well it would sporadically transfer calls to my cell and when I didn't answer, it told the caller that I was not accepting messages from them. For some reason my clients did not appreciate that in the least.
Then I called my illustrious telecommunications provider and after being on hold, speaking to their auto attendant for what seemed like hours, I fnally got to speak to a live body. The only problem was that the individual on the other end of the line was at a bit of a disadvantage since english was most definitely not his first or probably even his fifth language. I am pretty sure he was speaking to me from India and obviously knew nothing about the product he was supposed to be assisting me with. He kept asking me, "Miss, you are not using the phone properly, it is you problem...
Now any of you who know me well, know that I have worked for and with Telephone companies for ages and its my line of work. I really do know what I am doing and how to operate my telephone and voicemail. Typically my experiences involve much more complex products than analog lines and voicemail but I do speak that language.
Anywho, I finally gave up and hung up and went out to lunch and then after a couple glasses of Merlot, decided to give it another go.
Of course the live body I finally reached once more had a strange accent and didn't speak my language, so I went and grabbed another glass of wine and told the guy to wipe out the voicemail, blow it up, reset it, start from scratch and against his protests, he finally relented and I finally got rid of my tactless, abusive voicemail.
So Kuki based on my years of Telecom experience (Since Lombard is also a telco person, I am sure he'll back me up on this) All Telecom induced stress can be remedied by drinking wine. If after 3 glasses, you still have telecom induced stress, try a nip of something a wee bit stronger, until the desire to set your phone on fire has dissipated. <hiccup>
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