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You are taking this tooooo personal, so chill Free Spirit.

Yes. it appears that some on here "only talk to some others". But that is built on years of getting to know someone, ie the others you "Gripe" with.

So sorry if that appears as a club. It is not, it's just people happy to respond to an other person, and knowing their sense of humor or personal stance on some subjects.

Any of us could stand up in a room and say "I think this", not everyone is going to agree, but by God the debate will be interesting. Thats Gripes

I think the gripe was the post although funny was misplaced within all the forums that CM offer, and you got the reaction, it was not a cruise gripe.

Dont let it put you off, just pick the right forum for it.

Your dealing with a bunch of old grizzlies here , and always right in their own minds
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