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Default Taking a Cruise,,,with included flights

I have to share this incredible story, and it meant for must be having a laugh.

On basic, to fly from Glasgow to Venice takes about nearly three hours direct.

We went for the cruise included flights: Here is what they gave as a flight intinery

Glasgow to Birmingham: Birmingham to London: London to CDG (France): CDG to Dusseldorf (Germany) - Dusseldorf to Venice.

Total fight time including stops 13 hours. Yeah that looks good

How do these people decide on flight routes...have they got a clue?

Lets just say we did not take the flights, and sorted it out to suit our needs.

But we met some lovely people on ship that took that pain, and it was painful, our dining room mates based in the UK, took 36 hours to get back from Rome to London, because of the flight jigsaw that cruise lines offered as part of the deal..... What a way to end your vacation

Have you ever seen them get it wrong when flights are included in your price?
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