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I am sorry,but I will have to make one more comment to that.Please someone,pick up the oxford english dictionary and look up the word officer. It clearly states the meaning as a holder of an office. There are different types of officers. They can be found in different aspects of our daily lives.Have you ever heard of Police officer or environmental officer (not the ones on ships) or Chief Medical Officer. Check below just to name a few.


Officer (armed forces)

Chief Petty Officer
Commanding officer
Company officer
Direct Commission Officer
Engineer Officer
Exchange officer
Executive officer
Field officer
Flag Officer
Flying Officer
Limited Duty Officer


Chief Data Officer
Chief executive officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Legal Officer and or chief learning officer
Chief Knowledge Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Networking Officer
Chief operating officer
chief technology officer
Chief Process Officer
Chief Risk Officer
Chief technical officer
Executive officer

Law enforcement

Customs officer · Peace officer · Police officer · Prison officer · Probation officer · Parole officer

Politics and government

Chief medical officer · Political commissar · Presiding Officer · Returning Officer

So just to conclud,Yes everyone who holds or mands an office onboard is actually an officer per term (even the Pursers). So we can say onboard you have the Deck officers,Engine officers and Hotel officers. Agree?

I did not create the word,Oxford did.

Happy sailing all

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