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Default diamonds and watches - to buy or not to buy? and where?

I'm hoping some of you savvy travellers can give me some advice.....

I am contemplating the purchase of some jewelry items:
diamond earrings, right-hand diamond ring, and a high-end ladies watch.

I am relatively educated about diamond buying, and I intend to make a trip to the local top diamond store and look and price there so I have the best possible basis for comparison.

I did pretty well on a small purchase last year in Cozumel - I paid $300US for a tanzanite and australian opal ring and matching earrings and had them appraised when I got home at $2500 Cdn.

The diamond ring, earrings and watch will be much larger purchases, so I want to do my homework. I may not buy all three this trip, but I will perhaps whichever one I find a good deal on.

The questions:
Is St. Maarten a good place to shop for jewelry (I've heard it is)?
Are there other Caribbean ports you would recommend for jewelry?
Would it be wise to use a credit card, or pay cash?
Do you get a better deal if paying cash? (I don't know if I want to carry that much cash).
Are there any particular stores you would recommend or avoid?
Would you buy a watch but not diamonds, or diamonds but not watches in Caribbean?
Any other advice?

I know, too many questions. But I appreciate any answers you may have and thanks in advance.

Happy Cruising!


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