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Just returned from 10 days on the Volendam. At the start of the cruise, we diverted the taxi on the way to the airport to the wine store and bought 6 bottles of wine. When we picked up the wine it was packaged in a big old cardboard liquor box. We proceeded to the ship and were processed through check in and security -- liquor box in hand. When asked: "What's in the box?" and replied "Wine," we were waved right through. Held the wine in the room and brought down to the dinning room a bottle at a time, again no hassle with opening and serving the wine. Also, my experience with bar and wine service in the dinning room is contrary to that above. The issue is the first night can always be a hassle and the service spotty as the wine steward gets to known what the people at his assigned tables want. After that the service is always excellent.
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