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I know what you mean about the guidelines because that's kinda how I do things! lol

Okay, So I will TRY to follow the rules HOWEVER....

I agree that we should stay somewhat on topic, but once most of the people have posted an answer I think we should be allowed to post something other than the original topic. The original topic would be over without someone talking about something else besides the original topic. That's how conversations on here start. Without segwaying to other topics we wouldn't get a chance to talk and get to know each other. Another thing, I really don't think it's practical to start a new topic about something that you are able to post on an existing topic. It would be quite messy and confusing if every time we wanted to add a comment that wasn't on topic we had to make a completely different topic instead of just posting it.

I agree about not responding when people post about roll calls. The only thing is that sometimes people ask "Is anyone going to answer?" Then I feel guilty and I don't want to ignore so I end up just saying "I'm not going" so the person at least knows someone is reading their post. We should come up with a better systematic roll call for those who want to find others on their ship.
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