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Hey Showcat, I loved reading your review. I had a blast at the pre-cruise party on the Queen MARY. You saw me dancing on the dance floor with my friends. I was able to take photos of the ghosts in my cabin and have a photo to prove it. I had a really nice roomie at the Queen.
My "IN CROWD" friends were in their early 30's. We had fun together.
I had dinner every night with two handsome guys that were total fun to have dinner with. We have e-mailed eachother since our cruise. I may see them again on another singles cruise.

I remember seeing you talking with two handsome guys at the buffet with your new gal friend from your home town. I decided not to stop and talk with you because I wanted you to have fun with the young guys.

I am not using any names of my "click" friends to protect their identity.
I hung out with some handsome young guys during formal nights and have the photos to prove it. I invited a cute Canadian guy to the PRIVATE Captains party for past passengers. We walked out with two drinks in our hands and then walked into our vtg singles party that also had free drinks. What a night.

My cabin roomie was a perfect roomie because I already knew her from the vtg Costa cruise. I will never ever be roomie's with a stranger eventhough most singles do match very well with strangers in the vtg match program.

I am planning to go again on the Carnival Pride for next years Halloween Party cruise because it is located in my home port. I want to meet guys from California. Plus, I save air fare money.

I was totally impressed by the regular cruisers who also had great costumes.

QUESS what? Wee Jimmy was replaced by another guy who acts like Wee Jimmy. I thought it was him when I cruised two weeks ago on the Carnival Pride again.
I like the Carnival Pride. I bought me some beautiful fashion jewelry on the ship and real silver in the ports. They had some great prices.

Some guy made a comment that you looked perfect in your halloween outfit. He said you had the body for it. Angel gal
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