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Originally Posted by djstrachan
I know that some people will be embarrassed when their lack of manners is pointed out. However, more and more people are getting very brazen.

I take a commuter bus to work. In the afternoon, there are usually a lot of people yakking it up on the cell phone. Yesterday, a woman asked the person next to her to please lower her voice. The person she asked, well-dressed, professional attire, screamed "*&#k you!" and proceeded to talk every louder just to annoy people.

Being a polite society, we just sat there.

That wasn’t just being impolite, it was an outright verbal attack!

I was sitting in my car recently, waiting at a stoplight. A car pulled up in the left lane next to mine, there were two young men in it. I looked over as they pulled-up, the passenger smiled, and immediately raised his right hand which was in the shape of a gun and pulled back his finger like he was firing the trigger. He made the POWWWWW! sound with his lips...

The light turned green and they took off, but I was in shock and for a second or two I couldn't move.

OK...OK...I know this guy was just fooling around, but his smiling calmness while he ACTED OUT random violence just floored me!
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