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I believe that David’s point was that social attitude on board ship are no different than what you would find in everyday life on land, a statement that I very much agree with. I only questioned the idea of a large group (majority) of people with the same “mind set? having a good time. I am sure that this might seem like a good idea on paper, but there is no way that “I? could enjoy a cruise like that.

How do you determine how similar or how much common ground you need before you have a conversation?

What are the chances of meeting anyone from another country that you may have anything in common with? A country with different sports base, different music base, and a work force that may not have anything similar to what you are accustomed.

How many of the other passengers with the same “mindset? would be required before the environment becomes comfortable?

A boat load of people like myself would be a pretty dull place, who would get up on stage to take part in the newly wed, not so newly wed game or hairy chest/legs contest. I would have no one to watch.

With that said, be ever hopeful of better! Just be careful of what you wish for.

The perfect passenger base, could easily be defined as a ship load of blond haired, blue eyed people all of the same height and weight, speaking the same language and salute when they say the name of their leader.
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