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Hey thoth, no...... it is not a meat market. It is more like a group of adult singles getting together and having fun with eachother's company.
The guys are polite and nice. There were some guys who were desperate to get laid and we all knew who they were and we all knew which gals chose to go to bed with them.
Then there is the group of singles that find eachother compatiable and we don't see them again because they just want to hang out with eachother.

There are also singles who choose to be on their own away from the group.
The only reason they book with the singles is because they can get a good rate on single suppliment.

There are also guys who love to suba dive or go snorkling and they try to find a partner to go with because that is the safe thing to do in the ocean.

There are some singles that are hard core Karaoke singers and hang out with that crowd which includes mostly the regular cruisers outside of the singles group.

I only like to dance to live music so I dance until I get tired and then go have a small snack and then go to bed.

The singles who love dancing til the weee hours hang out at the disco with DJ Music.

Some singles don't like to dress up for dinner so they go eat dinner at the buffet most of the time.

My cousin who is a single guy loves the ocean and just goes to a quiet place and reads a book every day. He loves to read at the library.

I enjoy going to the Trivia games that is sponsored through the cruise ship. I also like to shop on the ships.

I don't consider the singles cruisers as a meat market because most of them are first time cruisers and they go for the experience of cruising.
The new cruisers love the attention they get from the other singles.
The experienced cruisers like me have their own routine of what their plans are on the ship and in ports.
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