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Great it, proper debate and discussion.

Actually my post was only saying that in life you never find ALL those around you act and do as to your personal expections. So knowing that what do we do? with it and get on with our own lifes.

So my "thing" above was about the complainers regarding cruising and if they go down the line of "too many children", "people dont dress properly".."people drinking buckets of beer all day"......whatever and so what?.

Just do your own thing and let them get on with it.... as you would do at home. And like home, you are not going to change it or them, so don't stress yourself. Take a chance and pick a line or ship as suggested by the guys that may offer a higher chance of finding people that think more like you. But there is guarantee on that, never will be, why because we are all individuals with individual thought process.

And we are either open to "acceptance" in the case of well you just get on with it and at the same time I will do my thing. Or you sit and stew because "these people" should not be behaving like this, take that road and all you will do is waste your vacation, and raise your blood pressure. its a no winner
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