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Default NCLA job questions

My wife and I (newly weds!) have been looking at getting jobs onboard a cruise ship. We don't have that much money saved up yet, dont have much money to spend, and love to travel, so we thought getting a job onboard would be an ideal job! We've taken a NCL cruise before and loved it, and have been leaning toward applying to NCLA (we're both american citizens). Just a few questions though...

What would the lowest pay rate be on NCLA? I'm assuming a dishwasher or other galley position would have the lowest pay? Any ideas what that is? I assume they are requried to atleast meet minimum wage?

Neither one of us speak any languages other than English. Will this be a problem for us in terms of landing a job?

From what I've read, the cruise line will accomodate married couples... do married couples get cabins together/alone? Can one of us accecpt a job offer based on if they extend an offer to the other person? (We'll take the jobs only if you hire both os us). Has this been done before? Does it seem unprofessional?
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