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I agree with Fieldmouse, manners are manners were ever you are and I just won't associate with those that have none. No matter what their financial, economic or historicle background may be. For instance, you meet your tablemates the first night. One man who is very distinguised looking keeps picking his nose at the dinner table. Another man who appears middle class passes gas frequbtly and thinks it funny or the women who is constantly talking with her mouth full with pieces of food spitting out on the table. By your thinking, am I supposed to sit there and try to enjoy my dinner with this disgusting behavior, NO, I will ask to be moved to another table. If bad manners or habits affect me and my enjoyment of the cruise, I will do something about it. I choose to gather about people who are courteous, well mannerd AND SOBER. I can find these people on ANY cruiseline. And if this statement qualifies me as a snob, so be it. There are many many people who think this way. They are not wrong or snobish. They just want a pleasent cruise.
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