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Showcat, LOVED reading your cruise report and can relate to it minus the Halloween party since I've taken the early Pride cruise in May and wanted to know your take on it.

If you don't mind I like to comment with agreements and disagreements:

I agree that the Queen Mary is a rust bucket but chose to stay onboard because it's right next to the Carnival port and I didn't want to pay extra for a shuttle or taxi to get to the ship. Though the resturant did serve great steaks and good breakfast in the morning of the cruise. When I walk the ship you could see the rotting floor boards and if it wasn't for the history of the ship it would have been sunk long ago.

I too have taken photos of the Queen Mary but did not see any orbs or ghosts in them . . . maybe they were sleeping. I had not encounters with ghosts or spirits even when I turn off my light in my room. So if I were molested by a ghost while I slept I didn't feel it. Maybe your camera was intend to be stolen to get rid of the proof that ghost exist, .

I am glad your embarkment when smoothly but I found mine to be time consuming and the lines long.

I did not have any trouble with the nudity on the ship and also did not find alot of kids who parents would object to the nudity, thank goodness for traveling on a school week. I would not be happy traveling on a Disney cruise.

I agree with you that the Pride staff was outstanding, I even met a young lady from English who would be starting an 8 month stay on the ship, and NO I did not hit on her. I feel that it is different when a male passenger hit on a female crew member and it's much easier when it is reversed.

I felt the cruise director was funny and entertaining and was tempted to buy the cruise video but didn't. Showcat unlike you I did meet my cabin attendant but it was intentional I always want to have the cabin or maid know I can show up anytime just in case, you know what I mean.

I agree with your complaint that adults should not bring their kids to adult pool and Carnival should enforce this policy. Also I read that a former sport reporter was arrested for molesting 2 kids in a sauna.

Food was good on the ship but do not order salmon in the continental breakfast because I got very sick. I assume the salmon was not refrigerated and was just sitting out somewhere.

Showcat, you and the other hotties must have broken alot of hearts of some of the single guys on the ship if not all. Everyone have to realize this is a single cruise and certain people have expectations on meeting attractive people it's human nature, even though they may not be attractive themselves. I can understand your avoidance of these gentlemen but that part of life. I can understand you being attracted to other attractive people.

I would LOVE to have been there when the "DORKY GUYS" tried to infilterate your group but you can't fault them for trying. As I mention before there where more unattractive people in the single group I was in that attractive ones. I may agree with you somewhat with the saying "What's yours will come to you" but I say "Do your homework" before going on any single cruise and be realistic in your expectations. I can imagine guys thinking you being a snob be you can't blame them for trying. But I also understand you constantly avoiding men you are not interested in which would be embarrassing in most cases.

I am glad you made more friends on this cruise Showcat and hopefully down the road see you on one of these cruises.
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