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"quote="Beetlegator"] Everyone have to realize this is a single cruise and certain people have expectations on meeting attractive people it's human nature, even though they may not be attractive themselves. I can understand your avoidance of these gentlemen but that part of life. I can understand you being attracted to other attractive people.

I would LOVE to have been there when the "DORKY GUYS" tried to infilterate your group but you can't fault them for trying. As I mention before there where more unattractive people in the single group I was in that attractive ones. /quote] "

By no means am I attempting to step on anyone's toes but I'm going to open this can of worms. :evil:
How does one define "attractive"? Do they mean physically attractive such as good looking? Only a dupe picks their friends based on looks. Sad to say there must a great deal of shallow folks in the world. Young women kill themselves to be thin to the point of anorexia, older women carve their faces up to look younger. Men spay this Rogaine crap on their heads. Every body's on pills to lose weight. What's wrong with middle age ?
As a single guy,I love to converse with intelligent women and have noticed a correlation between brains and weight. It seems that woman who have conceded defeat on the "looks" issue, make up for it with intellect.
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