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Originally Posted by Thoth
By no means am I attempting to step on anyone's toes but I'm going to open this can of worms. :evil:
How does one define "attractive"?
Yeesh...let's not start those bad stereotypes (beauty vs. intelligence).

This might sound hokey, or a cop-out but I think different people need different things at different times in their lives.

Some people need physical attractiveness more, others need emotional connection, or intellectual stimulation. And these desires change as people change. The trick is finding someone who fulfills what you need at your point in life, and whose needs you meet in theirs, whether that is as friends or lovers.

At my point, I think it's a shame to limit your choice of friends based on how beautiful/handsome they are. I'd like to know what kind of company they are. But then again, I am at a certain point in my life. Others may (and certainly should) disagree with me. 8)
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