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Good morning everyone:

It's a foggy and icy day here in the land of 10,000 spin outs. No snow but a lot of ice on the roads. I was just watching the morning news and it looks like people are not driving too well and the sanding trucks didn't make it out in time. "Gee, they just had a report on the 10:00 p.m. news about the excess amount of sand the county had." I wonder why they didn't put it down.

Doug: I'll take that view of the Brooklyn harbor right now. It seems that in my career the better the job was the worse the view became. My first office was fantastic and the last one was a tiny thing with a view of a swamp. I think the shrinking of the office corresponded to the expansion of the paycheck and scope of authority.

Today's agenda consists of sending some emails, finalizing some cruise plans and phone support in helping my brother set up his new computer. The first two should get done but the brother doesn't get home until seven. That's pretty late for this guy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.

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