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Default Re: Bringing wine to the table on the Liraca

Originally Posted by monag
I will be travelling on the MSC Liraca on November 15th and looking forward to it. Are you allowed to bring wine onboard? Other cruiselines allow you to bring wine to the table and pay $10 corkage, is this the case with the Liraca?
MSC cruises would not let us bring wine to the table. I contacted MSC cruises, they told me we were not 'allowed' to bring wine onboard so we didn't. As it turns out, we brought wine and alcohol onboard as long as they don't see a duty free box, they look the other way.

Did I enjoy my cruise, yes and no, the food in the Bistrot (buffet) breafast and lunch, was terrible, usually leftovers from the night before in a sauce, if you like stewed octopus and meatloaf on a cruise you will be okay. I ate hamburgers most of the time which I don't usually do on cruises. This was my 24th cruise. Would I cruise MSC again, no.

Entertainment was excellent, some of the best I have seen. Ship was very clean. Ports were excellent except Dominican Republic, not worth getting off.

We will go Princess, our preferred cruiseline, when we want 'quality' cruising.[/quote]
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