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Originally Posted by luv2cruise99
Originally Posted by richstacy
...there is no reason to all ow smoking on cruise ships outside of a carefully controlled area, say a fireproof room in the bowels of the ship.
Actually, there is one very good reason to allow smoking on cruiseships and that is economic.

Carnival has already proven with the failure of the Paradise that the industry is not yet ready for even one smoke-free ship. How do you expect them to survive with 100's of such ships? Better question, exactly how much are you willing to pay for your next cruise? Lose the smokers (and the family and friends that sail with them) and you may be surprised to find that you can no longer afford to cruise. You may also be surprised at how few choices you have as ships get eliminated due to low bookings.

While the incident on Star Princess was definitely tragic and must have been terrifying for all involved, it is statistically insignificant when you consider the thousands of cruises that sail each year without a cigarette-related fire. I doubt anything will change in regards to smoking because of the fire on the Star. I certainly hope not. I don't think any of us would like the changes the cruise industry would have to make to compensate for the loss of smokers. Higher prices and fewer ships. All for a "feel good" measure that would do little or nothing to improve safety.
I just got back from the Great Wolf Lodge and it was totally smoke free inside. They are always fully booked. I spent more money in 3 days there then on a 5 day cruise on Carnival. If a hotel can do this and make money and be fully booked, a big cruise ship could do just as well or better.
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