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As kids we always had real trees, Scotch Pines. As the years went on my mom started campaining for a fake tree to reduce the danger of fire, but we resisted. In 1966 we were planning my wedding for the day after Christmas and Mom said there was NO WAY she was going to risk the house burning down with all the wedding gifts, so we got an artificial tree. In fact we got two of them when the store delivered an extra one. by mistake. They said they would pick up the 2nd one, but never did.
The next year DH and I moved into a house with a baby due on Xmas Eve and Mom lent us one of the fake trees. The next year we bought a real tree for our baby's first Xmas and then my sister said Mom was going to give us the fake tree--because she had decided to go back to a real one in the living room and put up the other fake one in the basement!!! So after that year we have always had a fake tree.
One year I asked the kids (5 of them, eventually) if they wanted a real tree and they were horrified. They said this was THEIR tree and they didn't want anthing else. That's when I stopped feeling that I was depriving them of the real tree experience.
5 years ago we bought a new fake tree, but still put up the old one in the basement. The only thing I miss about a real tree is the smell.
We have fake greenery outside, too, but it looks real and saves money.
I have so many ornaments, I almost need another tree to fit them all in. Most of them are special to me. When each of our kids left home I gave them their ornaments and still have tons. I can't imagine having a decorator doing my house for Christmas like I've seen on HGTV. It's too personal and special for me to have a stranger do it.
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