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Okay in some ways I agree, but it would have to be really bad for me to ask for a table change.

Maybe I just accept people far too much for what they are and I go with the flow and based on..... I dont have to see them again or live in their life. After all its only a meal...... Its not important

But I too have my acceptable standards but getting into this table diving every other night around the dining room is not my thing, fine if its yours. But I have met people on cruise who request table changes, simply because:

Someone has an accent that they do not understand
Everyone else talks and we cannot get a word in
Socially we have nothing in common with these people
We keep getting asked questions about us

So if you are like that then I see your point but dont agree, why not ask for a table for one or two in the first place as said and do not allow yourself get involved in the "table" lottery.

As the chances of finding that perfect table for you in the first place must be pretty slim as you have a pre expection of strangers and their values and even before someone open's their mouth...some "fellow diners" start to tick boxes regarding do I want to be here or not, and thats wrong.

But I will agree on one thing, if there is a pain in the ass "drunk" on my table, then thats my trigger to move
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