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Default WOW!

WOW! Everything you wrote is EXACTLY what I believe to be true! As a waitress my self, at a very familar restaurant in the U.S, I"m so glad your letting people know how it really is. I am a student, and for all the people that say get a new job, this is what i say to you, the hours are great when you are need to fit it around your class schedule, the place I work at is open to 2 a.m. I need to pay for the crazy expensive college I go to on top of my loans. But believe me I can't wait to get out of a job where people look down upon me, and snap their fingers at me and yell "Miss" across the room while I'm waiting on another table, how rude is that? In a couple of years I'll be a doctor, and people will look up to ME! Everyone needs to see the movie Waiting, how can people be so rude and down right mean to people they dont even know, i.e. servers. Like you said servers remember exactly what you look like, if you left a great tip or a bad one, and will still put on that great big happy face, even though you said no one does anything to the food, believe me servers do, or maybe theyll have one of the cooks do something, I'Ve seen it a million times!
You were so dead on about the two types, I can't stand it when People are like you are such a good server, and yadda yadda yadda, and then you have high hopes for a great tip and theyll be $3 on a $40 bill. I think most people dont know that we tip out the bartenders, bussers, and the host, where I work we also tip out the expo,who pulls your food, and the foodrunners, people that if were busy will run our food, And we tip out a set 2% of our SALES, not our tips to each one of those , its about 10% of our sales to other people, so if customers only tip us 10%, if that, I'm walking away with nothing!
For the person that said their father didn't even know, this might sound kinda harsh, but get with the times! Milk isn't 10 cents anymore.
I feel that all restaurants should add 15% mandatory, if you cant afford to tip, then don't go out at all, if the 15% is already added, then you have to afford it.
One more thing, Ive been stiffed before, twice, once from teenages, and the other from a middle aged couple, just to let people like you know, no matter what the bill is, I have TO PAY IT OUT OF MY OWN POCKET and you get written up. The restaurant does not care, they want their money!!!! I dont blame the teenagers, I blame their parents!
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