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I have never had problems with the food in Mexico and we never eat at the touristy places. We drive the back streets and pick the place that has the most locals/fewest gringos dining. On our last trip to Cozumel we stopped and bought a whole roasted chicken for $5 from a guy several blocks back from the waterfront area. It looked like a dive but the chicken smelled and looked delicious. We then bought some drinks and sides at the grocery store and had a picnic. It was the best meal of the whole trip. The chicken was absolutely amazing. It was fresh and fully cooked. As a bonus the food is also cheaper and you are likely making a bigger difference in a local person’s life.

I don’t have an “iron gut? either. My family always jokes that I’m the one that has a sensitive stomach. I am 30 and have had food poisoning 3 times in the U.S. since I was 20. I mean the full blown; vomit blood, lose 15 pounds in 2 days kind of food poisoning (from subway, long john silvers, and a non chain restaurant).

The strange thing is I have only had it once when traveling/living abroad and we do a large amount of traveling. We lived in S.E. Asia (Singapore, Malaysia) for several years and still make frequent trips to and from for business. Again while living there I eat almost exclusively at the hawker stalls (street vendors) without problems. Many other Expatriates only ate at “nice? restaurants though. I think sometimes the problem is more psychological than physiological. You may not find many of the places in Mexico aesthetically pleasing, but then again many restaurant kitchens in America are also horrible you just don’t see them.

While in Mexico it is good to only drink bottled water or sodas though. The water usually won’t put the hurt on you the way food poisoning will but it can make your very unpleasant. Avoid foods that are cooked with a lot of water as well.
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