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But we FINALLY decided what we are going to do.

We are going to do a 16 day land tour in spain in August while taking a few days on our own in Madrid and taking one day to fly to Mallorca to see the Dragon Cave.

Then Jan 2nd I believe it is we're going to take a 7 day cruise aboard the Freedom o/t Seas to the Caribbean. Since this is when college is out and at the same time younger kids go back to school. Assuming a few teenagers will just skip school for the first few days since the price does go down during the school year, there will be also teenagers. But, I'll be 19 so, i'm not too sure how much hanging out with 15 year olds who's main goal (according to the teen boards) is "HOW CAN I SNEAK ALCOHOL IN?!"lmaoo.

I hope that will be a good vacation.

Thanks for the help..The advice I keep getting is more than helpful.
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