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yeh.. I just watched the freedom one too

She's does an amazing job on her shows. And, that show definetly got my mother and I excited for our cruise.

Samantha even got us to now go for the BALCONY !!

Ahh !! waking up to the sunrise with a cup of coffee in my hand... sounds like heavenn

And, I am DEF trying the flowrided . My mom personally doesn't believe I will if there's any hot/cute guys standing around because my fall my not be a "pretty fall" or my hair will get messed up. . All I said was that a dare? and screww tha guys that thing looks like soo much fun.

And ICE SKATING !! And, we're def going to do the 2 optionals she did the dolphin encounter and the thing where she sat in the canopy thingie i guess and went side to side in the rainforest with the little nature walks.

And, the GYM is amazingg. I will def not have to worry of feeling like I haven't completed my day because I couldn't get my full workout like usual. hehe

That ship definetly looks like a blast. I can't wait now. Sad I have to wait for a year. lol
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