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I get attracted to singles who have the same interests and values that I have. I don't care what they look like. I like to hang out with both genders on the cruise ships. I don't look at age either. If someone is fun I hang out with them. On my last cruise I was hanging out with a group of teens who loved singing Karaoke. I plan to mail them the photos I took of them.
Some people say I should act my age but I don't care what people think of me. I hang out with whomever I please. I love to act silly on the cruise ships. I like to make my friends laugh.

HEY SHOWCAT! When is your next cruise? Want to go with me on the April 1st,07, with group? I need a roomie. The ship is going to ST. LUCIA and the Southern Carribean. Check it out. We can have lots of fun. I think it is the Carnival Legend. I think I am going to be cruising on a lot of Carnivals this year. I will most likely get upgraded to SILVER LEVEL as part of the Club level. I will reach the VIP group soon. Angel gal
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