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Default Best Cruise and Ship for 21 year old age groups questions~!

Well Hi everyone, my names Mike and this is my first post, however Ive been reading these boards since before I went on my first cruise in November 06. We went on Princess' Carribean Princess, and it was awsome. I had never been on a cruise before and it was definatly everything and more than I had expected. It was a family trip so of course mom and dad and the ENTIRE family were there. That being said, I am 21 and sort of a party animal as well are most of my friends. The "disco" aka dance club was pretty good and they played alot of hip hop, HOWEVER, my questions are these; I heard Carnival is a good line for the party crowd, that being said I am curious to everyones opinion about what ship in Carnivals fleet would be the best to travel on, as well as where and when to find the best partying of people my age, girls to guy ratio and stuff like that. I ask this BECAUSE of the fact that while I am a party animal, I respect people and do not want to go on a cruise where its mostly older people who would find the younger peoples louder more partying atmosphere enjoyable, SO everyone response is valued. BTW, I went to the Carribean, St Thomas, St. Martin, Princess Cays, 7 day cruise for princess, so im probably looking for another 7 day cruise, probably on Carnival.

Thanks in advance.
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