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Originally Posted by Headusher
Originally Posted by DaGecko
They still havent refunded the money and its been almost a month and a half. So Its been 6 weeks. So how should I go about getting a little upgrade or cruise credit from them for this. ahah actually I really need to make sure I get that money back aswell.
Have you filed a dispute with your credit card company? Normally they will reimburse you the $$'s that the cruiseline charged in error and help get the issue resolved from their end.
Well, not really. The CC company will put the disputed chrage on hold and not bill you or charge interest. They don't hand you back any $$$.

Now, you have to give them some proof that the charge is bogus and they will contact the vendor to get his side of the story.

Then they sort it out and either do a charge back to the vendor and remove the charge from your card; or if they side with the vendor, the charge stays on your CC with interest.

They have 30 days to resolve the dispute.

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