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We looked into cruises in Europe. We don't really want to do alaska just because we'll leave that for after we see everything else. Other than the beauty theres not much there. And, the boats that go to Europe are kind of boring. All they offer are bars..lounges..and places to eat. We did a mini cruise in greece to see places like mykonos and stuff. And, we ended up sitting the entire time drinking coffee.

And, since we can't have EVERYTHING we want. Like..great ship going to great ports. So, we had to decide what's more important. Yes, seeing the places is def more important but, with a cruise you can only go to ports so you dont really see the country. With that & a boring ship. We'd end up finishing our vacation in a mood that kind of felt like "we were bored and we didnt even go anywhere to make up for it."

That's why we decided to go for a little over 16 days to Spain since that was the next country we wanted to see and then go in January of 2008 on a cruise to the caribbean. We even decided we'll probably get off the ship for a little while to do some optionals and that's about it. That vacation will be strictly for the ship.

And, Antarctica sounds really cool. We'll def be doing that in the future. I thinking seeing the world beats sitting on a beach by a million.
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