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I've so far been to England, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy, and Greece. And, no matter how many castles, museums, etc I saw I find them all different. The one thing I believe people can skip is cathedrals. We saw about a billion of them and they look the same. But, other things that you only read about and see pictures of in books are worthwhile seeing.

And, yes of course each country has its own "Crafts" but that doesn't mean it interests us. When me and my mother visit different countries even we get totally different experiences. She reads a lot of books that take place in the past and when she visits these places it's as if the book came to life. To me it's just fascinating seeing things like in the medieval or gothic style. People back then built these amazing things that people right now couldnt even build or would think to build.

And, for gifts we usually buy all kids t-shirts and some adults wine or champagne other something we think they might like. Like a coffee set that has a picture of something. When we go on vacation we don't focus on gifts we can buy people. We go to see those hundreds of castles or gorgeous areas. To me they are all special in their own way and all diffent and I can't get enough of it.

We already know what we want to see in spain. Things like the Bones house, the huge cathedral that I can't remember who build that has the whole bible carved into its stone, stuff like that. Aside from that I can't wait to try the hot chocolate. ahhh PURE CHOCOLATE yummy. Might even beat gelato in Italy. lol. Aside from that we're taking a tour with a tour group that shows us alll of spain. The little villages that most tourists on their own don't get to.

To each its own I guess. People get different things out of their travel experiences. I know someone that any country he goes to he has to visit all the art museums and stuff. I personally as well as my mother can't stand museums unless it's like the ones in greece where you see the site and then go to the museum to see the artifacts. Otherwise, I don't step a foot into museums. I haven't even gone to famous museums in new york city. Just doesn't interest me. The only place I can say I went to an art museum was the Louve in France and the place where David is in Italy.

That's all I meant by my statement. When me and my mother go to another country we go to see those type of things. Little villages that are all the same that the main goal is just relaxing in a cafe while people watching or something like doesn't really appeal to us.

Wow sorry for the long essay. lol.
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