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Originally Posted by Marc
I think the Gripes Board has moved away from its stated purpose. Now, it is used as just another Chit Chat Board. I think CruiseMates should start a policy used on some of the FlyerTalk Boards by limiting the Gripes board to only those with a certain number of posts as an indication that they are participating on the other boards first and foremost.
I don't think this has become a chit chat board at all.

People *hang around* different areas of message boards. Some like to linger in the general chit chat area. Others tend to visit specific cruise line boards. Some share their thoughts on destinations or on the styles at sea boards.

Others criss-cross from one board to another.
Some areas tend to get a little cliquey too ...

I enjoy the gripes board because it can get a little feisty at times. It makes me think. It's fun.

Many threads start out as gripes but evolve -- as threads tend to do -- into other topics of discussion. It's the nature of conversation.

I would hate to see some capricious policy put in place to limit our freedom to post on the gripes board.
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