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Default What to do???

Have you ever witnessed a passenger behaving rudely to a crew member?
Something so over the top, you just couldn't believe your eyes and ears?
What did you do?

I was in line at one of the stations in the Lido [HAL ship] and a woman was ordering her breakfast. She was instructing the cook as to how to prepare her eggs. She was getting more and more hysterical as she spoke, then nearly lost it when he handed her the plate and the eggs were not cooked exactly how she wanted them.

I thought she was going to pass out -- her voice was hoarse and she was wheezing. She was hurling all sorts of insults at the poor guy.

I wasn't sure what to do. I knew if I directed some comments at her, it would have put her over the edge.
So instead I tried to be extra nice to the cook and wished him a good day.
But the nasty woman probably took no note of my behavior.
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