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The one and only cruise where I observed a LOT of this was on a Caribbean cruise that got caught by an approaching hurricane. We were headed back to the home port when the captain found out that the hurricane was headed there as well. He took us back out to sea, well out of the path of the storm. Actually, he didn't really have a choice, as the port had been closed!
The cruise line went out of their way to make everything as painless as possible, including rescheduling everyone's transportation home. We were happy to get an extra day of cruising. But, I was amazed how many people were furious with the cruise line and took it out on the staff.
The purser's desk especially got yelled at, threatened, etc., etc. I got the fact that a lot of folks were scared, and many were truly inconvenienced, but, as I found myself repeating over and over to people, it wasn't like the cruise line did this on purpose. There is a reason hurricanes fall under the "act of God" category. One very elitist guy at our table yelled at the busboy about it. I could not help myself. I started laughing. Here was a highly educated, seemingly very intelligent man blaming a hurricane on a busboy! Puhlease.
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