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Sorry Marc and having read what you said I went back and read the "top" page on Gripes and I cannot find anything (well one) that was nearly related to "honey I'm home" and that was only a maybe with nearly nil response.

Sorry, I dont get this view on today's Gripes as being that. But yes I will agree that in days gone past the variety of threads and the volume of people may have been higher, but back then, we also had the shame of "discussion" going on regarding "Fat people" "Old People" etc.

They where only vehicles for venom spitters, thank God they are gone.

If there is a problem here today, it is that some people react only to others postings and dont post new threads based on the misgivings or personal thoughts regarding cruising that are in their own head's.

And this is not an attack Marc, but like me you can be very vocal, but even you on here in the last three months have only started two threads, one an attack on CM policy and the other a "cut and paste" quote regarding islands in the carib.

If people only do that, then you get what is available to gripe about

Thats not the boards fault, quality of input.
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