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I had a tooth abscess and had to see the ships doctor. He was a very nice and fixed me right up even though it was fairly late. (Saved my trip actually)

While I was waiting a lady wandered in and told the doctor she needed to see him. As a matter of fact she “demanded� to see him and butted ahead of me in line.

She said he had a headache and wanted “serious medication� for it. He was very good and tried to diffuse the situation. He offered her some Tylenol and asked if she would wait until he finished up with me.

She said no, her head hurt and she wanted something “harder� than Tylenol. He naturally refused and said she would have to have a consultation or prescription if she were to get any stronger drugs.

She said “FXXX That, I’m not paying because I already know what medication I need�. He, again politely, asked “Do you have a prescription from a doctor?� Her answer was “No, but my sister-in-law is a nurse�. Doctors reply “I’m sorry I can’t prescribe without an exam or prescription�. Her response� Really it’s not problem I normally take Oxycodone or Meperidine�. The doctor was taken aback I think and paused for a moment. He said “Miss I’m sorry I refuse to prescribe Oxycodone or Meperidine for a headache without a note from your doctor�. She stormed off without a word and we thought it was over.

The doctor and I stared at each other for a while and I mentioned that was rather strange. He gave me a shrug and a smile and said you may be surprised how often that happens. He continued with my exam. Well about 10 minutes later she comes back in. Again she says “I order you to give me something stronger than Tylenol�. He said “Miss I’m sorry I refuse to do so�. This made her extremely agitated and she mentioned something about going to the captain. I couldn’t believe she actually thought she could “order� the ships doctor to do anything!

Funny thing is later I saw the woman laughing smiling and drinking profuse amounts of alcohol in the theater. She didn’t seem to have a serious headache then.
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