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Ah yes…….

There they are. They demand much and offer little. They’re bigger, they’re better, and they’re entitled.

The bullies of the world.

And so it is that we go about our lives. And they go about their’s. And along the way our paths may intersect.

And when they do, poor behaviour toward another must be confronted. To do less grants tacit approval to it.

Honour demands that we aid those in distress.

There is nothing so cowardly as attacking those who are paid to serve. It is all too easy to go after those not in authority. And cowards don’t like confrontation with equals.

It isn’t wrong to stand up for someone. It isn’t wrong to take a stand. There can be no greater honour than to stand with your fellow man.

And when all is said and done, if it is written that we stood for something, that we stood with our fellow man, I can think of no better words.

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