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I think, as a topic, "gripes" tends to be limited.
It's a lot of the same stuff, different cruise.
Chair hogs, people cutting in line, people saving seats in the show theaters, etc.

But this community of gripers, of which I've become a part, wants to interact, and thus we have the diverging conversations.

And don't forget -- there's always one or two people who show up and chastise people for griping in the first place! Even though this is the *sanctioned* gripe board, we'll be told that the worst day on a ship is waaaaaaaay better than the best day at work .. ."So STOP YOUR GRIPING."

I just started a new thread regarding misbehavior of fellow pax because it was the first time, in all my cruises, that I witnessed some terribly obnoxious behavior toward a crew member.

I am sure that topic has been addressed over and over on this board, but for me it was a totally new experience.

I came to this board from another one, where there was just too much controversy, too much censorship, too much one-upsmanship.

I like it here. And I really enjoy this gripes board.
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