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This crap in nil-respect for people "doing a job" is not only on ships, we see it everyday in life from the cashier in the store not being quick enough to whatever. :evil:

My latest personal example happened in work, "a guy" decided that he could not push our revolving entrance door to access the building as he had a "sore back". So he stood screaming and banging on the adjacent glass fire doors demanding and screaming that the security guy open them to let him just walk in....What a scene from this guy and not matter what he was told re alarms etc...he would not give in and was terrible both in voice and attitude.

When through the glass he was offered the wheelchair / ramp entrance, again he went mental and was not prepared to go back and walk up the ramp...see a HE'S A NUTTER, dont get involved.

For two cents I would have confronted him...but not my job. But I watched and I listened and after he had given in and "pushed the door" still screaming and shouting back to his work place. I approached our lovely security guy who was now visably shaken by it and told him if wanted to report this guys actions...then I would be a witness to it.

Sometimes that's as much as you can offer, but never stick yourself in the middle at the time and for the right, but as Mike says all the wrong reasons. As it can turn on you, just like getting in the middle of a husband and wife arguement
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