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Originally Posted by Marc
I agree that the idea of limiting participation on Cruise Gripes board is going too far. However, I still stand by my point that the Cruise Gripes board has changed over the years; and not for the better. How many "honey I'm home" threads, or similar ones, do we need. Cruise Gripes board used to be filled with gripes about Cruising. Now, many of the threads have nothing to do with cruising at all.
Marc, The original "Honey I'm home" thread started with my original thread "It's Official" on the Carnival board. It started when I discussed how my co workers were being driven nuts by my constant talk about my first cruise. This thread involved into a core of people with a similiar personality and yes we have formed a clique that anyone is allowed to join and is welcome. Mike, sensing the thread was going way off topic, moved it to the "chit chat" area. which is basically an area people can meet and say what is on their mind. It doesn't say it has to be about cruising all the time or at all but we do frequently discuss upcoming cruises. I would like to say that when I post on other boards or topics I stick to the topic or answer any question I can with my limited cruising knowledge. I believe I have helped some people with regards to travling to Florida to cruise since I live near 2 ports.

I think it is only natural that with the thousands of posters here that cliques will form and have formed. Some things on the boards interest me and others don't. A suggestion might be to start a new category like maybe "friends" to go along with "practical advice" "people" etc. I personally am a lurker in a number of threads that I see other cliques posting on and some are interesting to read, our's tends to be more humorous and hopefully put a few smiles on peoples faces.

Since you made mention of our thread you must be a reader and I hope somewhere along the line you got a laugh. It isn't in many places that I can call 5-10 people I have never met my "good friends" and already know that I would love nothing more than to have them all as my neighbors cause I feel life wiould be one big party. I hope you find this in your life if you already haven't and I have cruisemates to thank for that.

Regarding your gripe about gripes. I do realize the boards had rules but I didn't realize that it didn't come with a certain amount of tolerance for free speech and free thought. It is not up to anyone to decide what gripe or where the discussion on that gripe goes off to. I have read many of Davids gripe topics( as dumb as some of them are, just kidding dave) and discussions and have even gotten into it with him on a few. But, if a particular gripe doesn't interest me I would never deny the people who are enjoying it the right to enjoy it. I would just move on to the next topic. Food for thought. Happy holidays!
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