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Default Self Promotion

If there was ever a self-promotor it is Trump.... why did he have to have a long tv conference to announce that the beauty queen is going into rehab..and now Miss Nevada...Rosie stands up for what she beli who eves...whether it is against guns and the NRA or the ability of homeless children needing homes in Florida and the Governor will not allow gays or lesbians to adopt children..There are many families in this country being headed by a single/divorced parent. Rosie and her partner, Kelly, I think have three or four children that they have adopted..She is self-depreciating..she doesn't take herself seriously... and I miss her crazy afternoon shows.. Plus folks.. we are on a cruise board and Rosie has done more for gay and lesbian families by chartering cruise ships, i.e. Norweigan to make these a place where the unusual type family in \ ourr society can feel at home and not have the public staring at them..
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