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"Sunday December 17th, 8:39am - My husband & I were awakened by the ship announcement system and the Captain announcing that the reason the ship had stopped was because there was a rescue effort for a "Man Overboard".

We immediately looked out of our 3rd Deck Porthole and about 5 minutes after we saw an orange small rescue vessel moving along the edge of the
ship. We only saw search crew members at this time.

A short time later there was an additional announcement that the person had been recovered from the water and was in the medical facility undergoing medical evaluation. At this time we did not know if the event was related to a passenger or to a crew member.At yesterday's lunch, there was small discussion amongst passengers as to what may have taken place.

On today's return flight out of FLL to ATL my husband sat next to people who were on our cruise and they knew witnesses to the event - the man was seen climbing the rail on Deck 5 [Promenade] and actively diving headfirst into the water - suicide attempt was mentioned. Cannot confirm that on my own.

It is unclear if he lived after rescue."

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