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Rosie and Donald are I am sure loving the fact that we are talking about them. I remember an interview Rosie and her then girlfriend Madonna gave several years ago, about publicity. You have to generate it, to get it, because there are so many entertainers. I just wish someone would tell her that, reaching the people works better, when you are polite, and kind, not attacking at will.

It is true, Rosie has done wonderful things, but do you know how many others who work everyday, doing the same things, and do not hurt anyone.

To those who think Rosie is your leader. I have always been told that you want to live like everyone else in this world. Love who you want, marry who you want, and equal rights. You as well as I do, know how people think. They see her, and her bad ways, and then assume you are all like her too. Is that what you want?

I stand by what I said earlier I feel sorry for her. She has so much on her plate, that no human can deal with it all. My prayers are for her to have peace in her life this coming year.
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