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Default Unfairness in the World

Never thought of Rosie as "my leader"... what I think of her is and here I am and was very naive... a woman that wanted a familyand went out and adopted children. I maybe mistaken but she opened up a home in Florida for abused girls...and there was one she really wanted to adopt... but the State of Florida would rather these girls spend time in foster homes than in a loving home...To charter a cruise ship so that "unconvential) families can be free to meet others who have two fathers or two mothers... and shre their experiences....stand up and applaud her and NCL for making ths experience possible.. Speaking up against the NRA...oh yes.. she is my leader.. and as a human being who has access to the air waves and to other people... she feels as others do to try to right the wrongs.. I applaud every "star" or every human being who is in the public eye who speaks out...whether it's against the war, against the genocide in Africa or the warming of the world... Because of their visibility and $$ Clooney, Orpah, Gore, Damon and Madonna are trying to make a statement.
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