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Well I don't, and ignore my earlier comment if you wish, but it still stands as you only get out of it, what you put in.

What should you expect in the first place, if you dont present subject's to discuss or take part in the discussion!

If you do not fully take part then why should you be entitled or have the right to "critisise" either the topic or the people that do contribute,,,sorry dont get that.

We are HUMAN and relationships will build,, even on the board from hell .

So we go off "the Gripe". talk, chat, and make it lighter sometimes,,,,whats your problem

The world of "GRIPE" is not going to end because of it, but if you want to go pure hard gripe, lets go, lets discuss something you feel is worth GRIPING.

You have given the negative, come on Marc, give us your GRIPES positive and put us straight. Go on, give us your direction on topic that we already missed
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