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Marc, fine, great, and accepted on your part, but come on bud, it does not allow for ripping some folks because its what they do or know

Rescuedad, I'll just go with your first paragraph "I am not so sure that it griping you like as much as a good debate".

Hells bells, after all these years..... someone has uncovered me at last and got it!!!!!.... .... respect to both of you and have a great holiday time.

As for dont cruise with me, well I see where you are coming from I would not cruise with me

But personally I would welcome both of you's just great to talk 8)

I JUST LOVE got me, no real opinion of my own, I feel I just open the door for others comment even further. That's it with me, nothing more. nothing less. Just banter and talk

God, you sussed me . My "self given" role is question, and question again what I read, especially if there is another side to what some say as a "FACT" topic or response.

Its a hard job and it got me barred at least twice, but hey if it was DavyB, DavidB or me now as this character...sorry its what you get from me.

Tried to change from peer pressure, but I cant change this big mouth when I ask people to look at the other side of the coin.....and to be honest I'm getting really tired of it, time maybe to just let the board evolve without my "opinion".
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