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I found Holland America service to be superior to my Celebrity cruises on my cruise on the Statendam.

In my opinion the food is far superior on Celebrity, with a wider variety of entrées and a greater depth in flavor and a superior presentation.

Entertainment on Celebrity wins hands down. Holland America's entertainment is lacking and there is usually little to do after 11:00 p.m. Even the casino shut down, on many nights at 11:30 p.m.

The passenger demographic on my 14 day Asian cruise was older but FAR from being in the eighties. I would say the average was in the early sixties.

Regardless, I would sail Holland America at the drop of a hat.

Holland America's demographic, especially in the Caribbean, has changed to a much younger crowd. While the, older HAL regulars, may be more vocal and want things to stay the same, the reality is that many more young people are sailing Holland's, larger class ships and even their smaller ships.

Originally Posted by norm
Ah, last I checked, Holland was dry land even though much of it is below mean sea level. The map shows it on the European coast to the west of Germany. AFAIK, it does not move.

Holland is a great place to visit on a cruise, though!
BTW=This is a cruise board, where the vast majority of people who will answer a question will know what "Holland" is and new posters, especially new posters, are welcome to ask questions even though they don't write the "full" name of a cruise line and not be answered with a joke or sarcasm.

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