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Originally Posted by You
I agree with Kuki - the original poster is from Venice, Italy (beautiful city) and should not have been made fun of.

Then again when RCI was trying to buy Princess, Norm thought that was great being a stockholder of Princess, but when Carnival ended up doing it, Norm swore off all Carnival products ... and it shows up on all his posts. Norm is now a stockholder of RCI and pushes their products to the detriment of all Carnival lines.

He's entitled to his opinion - but really enough of the bad mouthing of the various Carnival products.
Whoa! What in my post ("Holland America Lines has always had a solid reputation...") in any way "bad mouthed" the product???

The line's demographics are what they are. The demographics are neither good nor bad intrinsically, though they certainly may make the line a better match for some people and a poorer match for other people and thus should be made known. I'll grant that the common caricature ("a median age of about eighty") may be somewhat of an exaggeration, but it does make the point.

You should also be aware that there was "a whole lot else" going on when Carnival Corporation and P&O Princess Cruises Plc. merged operations, with the latter changing its name to Carnival Plc. At the time, Carnival Carnival Corporation had a then recent slew of fires, complete propulsion failures, and other major incidents that put ships and all aboard in serious danger across every line that the company owned except Seaborne. All of these incidents were of the type that one would expsect from neglect of routine maintenance and inattention to basic safety issues. As you might guess, this was neither the sort of company on whose ships I'm going to sail nor the sort of company that I want in my portfolio, so I responded accordingly when the change in ownership occurred. Carnival Corporation subsequently replaced the executive who was responsible for maintenance and operation of the company's vessels with three executives who divided those responsibilities. The company has had a lot fewer incidents over the past three years, so it appears that the change in its leadership has made a big difference. If the merger of operations were occurring now rather than three years ago, my response probably would be very different than my response then.

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